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Weightless Background

Weightless Technology

There is not one single wireless technology that meets the needs of each and every IoT application. Each LPWAN (low power wide area network) technology encompasses trade-offs between data rate, range, power consumption, security etc. Weightless was specifically designed for IoT applications with high end-node density & more frequent uplink/downlink requirements. 

Weightless was originally a set of LPWAN open wireless technology standards: Weightless-N, Weightless-W, & Weightless-P. 


Weightless-N was an uplink only LPWAN technology. Weightless W was designed to operate in the TV whitespace. Weightless (Weightless-P) was a true bi-directional, narrowband technology designed to be operated in global licensed and unlicensed ISM frequencies. Weightless-P demonstrated immediate, strong market traction. Thus, the Weightless SIG's made Weightless-P its focal point and renamed the technology simply “Weightless”.


Weightless hardware was first released by Ubiik Inc in July 2017 and since then the ecosystem has grown to over 100 companies spread over 40 countries. 

Weightless Technology has proven benefits for IoT Applications with:

  • Higher Density of End Devices 

  • More Frequent Uplink/Downlink Transmissions

  • More Demanding Reliability Requirements 

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